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Spring Equinox

March 20th Annual Path of the Sun.

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Spring, the season of love, procreation, flowers, buds, greenery, birds and bees will begin. It's also the season of coming to terms with what Ol'man Winter left in our yards - a huge muddy, earthy, sloppy mess. Yet, within this chaos of coming into the fiery bloom of spring, our hopes of also finding ourselves in tune with nature, in anticipation of the high point of the Summer Solstice.

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When the bright coolish days of Spring first arrive and designing your outdoor oasis has you befundled, ask yourself:

  • How do I want to use my space?

  • Have I shopped around for some patio furniture?

  • During which part of the day do I/we enjoy being out the most?

These three questions will get you started on a dialogue which will enhance your meeting with the designer.

Invite the spring flair to inspire you, whether by attending Home shows, clipping magazine photos or creating a board on Pinterest. Together, your vision and our expertise can put together a stunning and budget conscious place - and position yourself also along this annual path of the Sun.

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