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Omni Landscaping Partners with Tree Canada

With a mission to restore your property beyond pride of ownership, we take on every aspect of a project very seriously. It explains why we are pained by the removal of overgrown gardens, failing trees, non-serving plants - eventhough it must be done for the sake of renewing the energy of the space and fulfilling its intended purpose.

Since not all projects can be green and removal is imminent - we've come up with a solution to strive still towards realizing our mission.

For every tree, bush or planting material removed from your property for the safe of safety, design or practicality, we will plant a tree seedling in Northern Ontario.

This is made possible by our partnership with Tree Canada.

Tree Canada

Their mission is to bolster Canada's urban forests and inspire people to participate in, advocate for, community greening. As a community of landscapers, homeowners and business owners, your property can still be enjoyed knowing that whatever was taken out is now also being re-established in its native habitat.

Another way that Omni Landscaping is taking the initiative to appreciate the the customers we serve for the work entrusted to us, is to offset our CO2 emissions by making yearly donations to Tree Canada. Since the average rural Canadian tree absorbs approximately 0.58 tonnes of CO2 over an 80-year period, this means that one would need to plant 35 trees to completely offset one person's emissions per year.

Omni Landsaping is happily committed to serving our customers, community and planet's well-being - today and for generations to come!

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