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New Work Stress Solution: Backyard Sport Court

A Harvard Business Review urges people "Don't take work stress home with you"...confine work to particular times and locations. Such well-meaning advice could only be the antithesis of our next profiled project.

Our clients' passion for basketball takes the HBR to task. He lives, eats, breathes this dynamic and wonderful game. Not only does he teach kids and adults of all ages at his exclusive academy, he also wanted to express his passion right at home. Together, we transformed his cookie-cutter rectangular backyard and created his elite basketball outdoor oasis.

Omni began the construction by pouring a concrete base, the shape of a basketball court. In collaboration with a locally sourced residential outdoor sport court company, we would apply the versatile tile surface. The big splurge was the official glass backboard retractable basketball net that the client had sourced.

concrete base in backyard with official glass backboard basketball net

Next, we used Techo Bloc's Rocka steps as simple walkdown to the interlocking. It was used to distinguish the basketball court from the multi-purpose zone (sports and entertainment).


Techo Bloc's Aberdeen 10 x 30 was used as the patio paver while the 3-point line was designed with an inlet of 6"x13" chocolate brown interlocking border.

We struck a balance with the hardscape by planting shrubs and evergreens for visual appeal and a maintenance-free landscape.

Basketball sport court in backyard, installed by Omni Landscaping

The patio furniture was brought back to showcase this beautifully appointed multi-purpose dining/lounge/sports area.

Basketball sport court with patio, installed by Omni Landscaping

Final task was to install netting to prevent basketballs from dropping into the neighbours' backyard.

Basketball sport court installed by Omni Landscaping

And there you have it...action-participaction at home. Who's ready to shoot a few hoops?!

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