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Landscaping Guide to Container Gardening

Happy Spring! Not that it feels like spring today. But on this balmy 2 degree celsius, it won't be long before you decide to visit your local garden centre or home improvement store for some container gardening ideas. Here are a few tips to express the beauty of the seasons.

First, be sure to explore the exciting realm of colour. What's your favourite colour? If you don't have one, what's the the accent colour in your wardrobe, livingroom or even bedding? Sometimes, the interior design in your home can be extended to your outdoor space just by simply adding that accent colour using annuals.

Next, give thought to the combination of the foliage textures. Texture build-up can be used to express the light quality or add interesting character and variation of size.

potatoe vines, english ivy, delphinium, tickseed, perennials, annual flowers, dracenas

Try to make random clusters with your plantings. Avoid evenly spaced out clusters. "Let the seeds fall where they may". Be sure to give plants the room to grow and bloom.

annual flowers, container gardening

Apply a back and forth, zig-zag planting pattern to penetrate your clustering. Avoid rigid lines. Use your client's lighting exposure to express and mimic nature's natural patterns. For example, keeping the upper parts of the container gardening light and open.

snap dragons, potatoe vines, sedums, mixed perennials and annuals

By using a few landscaping design elements, combined with your favourite colours, container gardening is a vigorous and powerful way to invite change into your space.

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