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Do you walk with your head up or your head down?

Do you walk with your head up or your head down? Are you or someone you know struggling with this? Uneven, settling pavers?

uneven walkway

Borders falling off?

Pavers chipped or missing?

uneven concrete pavers

Ugh. We feel your pain. How many more seasons are you willing to put up with this unsightly/flood-ridden/trip-hazard walkway/patio/side-area?

As a landscaping professional, I can't help but walk with my head down - I'm always looking at turf, pavers and plants lol! Here are some tips for salvageable areas:

1. Do some investigation

If you can, start near the edge. If not, remove one or two of the pavers. Scrape away the joint sand and lift up the paver(s).

2. Determine what's happening below

Remove some of the leveling base sand. A properly installed area should be: (1) built on firm soil base, (2) have +6" compacted gravel base material and, (3) ~1" of leveling material under the pavers

3. Why the fail?

Did the ground shift below?

Did the backfill settle?

Is the area around the pool?

Too many weeds?

Is water flooding the area?

Has the joint sand eroded - causing water to penetrate through and further damage the base?

What type of joint sand was used?

4. Minor repairs

If ground shifted below...add more base gravel and re-compact. This may entail adding some concrete base to bridge any possible voids.

If the joint sand has eroded and the area can be remedied by another light application of joint sand, use polymeric joint sand found at your local landscaping supplier. It's a special sand that when activated, binds the sand in between the pavers. It's what improves the interlock's durability and stability. It also make the joints resistant to water washouts, ants and weeds. (More on polymeric sand in another blog.)

If you've bit off more than you can chew, give us a call and send a pic. We'll be more than happy to talk more your property's needs.

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