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Are You the Right Customer? How to Choose the Best Landscaping Contractor

By now you've decided that your property needs a landscape overhaul, repair or maintenance. You also have a pretty decent idea of your budget, timeline and priorities involving how to revamp your space. You may have even received the customary 3 comparable quotes and decided on a particular company.

But what's stopping you?

Well, for starters, we get it. Landscaping can get messy - very messy! The dirt, the dust, the chaos and of course, staying on budget and on-time. Should you be influenced by online reviews or not? Are neighbours'/friends/co-workers' referrals enough?

Renovations are never easy but if you can stomach the upheaval, no matter how temporary, it is probably best to remember exactly what encouraged you to want to enjoy your outdoor oasis...this season and for many seasons to come.

Team building, trust fall

Tip#1 - Give yourself time to re-imagine how you want to enjoy your space.

  • Was it the lure of inviting family and friends to your outdoor livingroom?

  • Or the excitement that you and the kids can play endlessly in their own sport-court?

  • Or was it wanting to roast marshmellows and simulate cottage-life by sitting around your urban oasis featuring a custom firepit?

The nitty gritty details of planning your landscape project is just as important as imagining its intended purpose. Do each of your short-listed contractors show desire to listen, express their best-management practices, maintain collaboration in bringing your vision to life? Does the contractor have a niche particular to an item listed on your project? Can either one of the contractors provide you with the value and vision to put pedal to the metal?

Tip#2 - Get to know the process

A former customer referred to himself as "hyper-vigilent". The professional landscape contractor welcomes upfront communication and is proud to provide you with the understanding and benefits of doing business with them. It saves both parties time and money. Rather than feeling rushed by a contractor, would you rather not first take a few more evenings to get to know their process?

Tip#3 - Interacting in real-time

How available is the contractor, either via phone, text, messaging, social media outlets? And still yet, how available are you to also being contacted? In real-time situations, problems arise that may require the collaboration of the home-owner/property manager and it's important that both are available as required during the course of the project. Togetherness is the cornerstone to a successful project and if efficiency, sharing and maintaining that connectivity is not their priority - move along.

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